Friday, February 22, 2013

In the [Sleepless] Art Studio

It's been a rough couple of weeks in our home.  Our sweet boy appears to be going through a growth spurt, sleep regression, and teething all at once, poor thing.  So there have been few naps and lots of wakeful nights, and not too much of anything else.  I think he takes after his mama in his aversion to sleep.  Why sleep when there's so many other options?  ;) 

But even though there hasn't been very much rest for anyone around here lately (and even though it's hard being so tired, I wouldn't trade it for the world), I've still managed to find a few minutes here and there for some refreshing art sessions.  Here's what's been going down . . .

Soft pastel portrait (so dusty, but so much fun!): 
pastel attempt 

Stabilo pencil + soft pastel + gesso on cardboard (in progress): 
in progress 

Acrylic paint on mixed media paper (in progress): 
{in progress} 

A new Not Forgotten creation (possibly my favorite yet! but then I say that every time . . .):
Joel with name 

What have you been making in your studio/kitchen/digital space/workshop/sewing room/community/heart/mind?

Also, tell me -- are these more realistic creations something you'd like to see more of in my art shop?  Or do you prefer my usual, more whimsical + stylized art?

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  1. Awesome Beth. I love the colors in the first one! I love pastels too, they add such color and texture!

  2. Your art is beautiful! Coming from StudioJRU...

  3. To answer your question Beth - I like both styles! But, I like to move between styles I say follow the leading of the moment - your creative "voice" always shines through and I think having both styles is perfect! I really like the third face - looking forward to seeing it finished!

  4. Good for you for stealing moments in between the sleep dep. keep going my friend!!!!


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