Friday, March 1, 2013

Creative Resistance + Practicing Gentleness

Hope Abigail with name

It's been a rough week for creative pursuits here.  I was glad to be able to create this sweet Not Forgotten babyloss remembrance drawing from start to finish recently, as well as start on an entirely new remembrance drawing, but other than that I haven't been able to grab much creative time for myself.

It's been interesting to observe my reaction to whatever free time (a.k.a. baby nap times) comes my way.  I am constantly longing to get my fingers all paint-y, but if our son does happen to nap, I find myself procrastinating getting down to it.  Instead, I'll check my email, wash my face, dawdle on the couch, or exercise.  And while none of those are inherently bad things, if I'm using them to avoid the work that both nourishes me and blesses others (that is my hope, anyway) . . . well, that's when they become unhealthy.

That said, I'm trying to be gentle with myself.  Because while this week I have let resistance win out in my artistic endeavors, I have also been making strides in other areas -- being brave with a new, humongous, and really terrifying project . . . starting some vulnerable fiction writing for the first time in ages . . . listening in on some of the Right-Brainers in Business video summit (it's free!) . . . finally making progress against an unhealthy habit masquerading as a healthy one . . .

So this week, while it hasn't seen much in the way of new art (or blog posts, for that matter . . .), hasn't been without its victories.  Still . . . I miss my paint.  A lot.  Cross your fingers with me that our sweet boy will go down easily for some much-needed rest (for him) and much-needed art time (for mama). 

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  1. That tenderness ... Beautiful composition with exquisite color!

  2. <3 I'm pretty sure that I know almost exactly how you feel.

    1. Frustrated and exhausted, but also grateful? Hugs! :)

  3. She is so sweet. Fingers crossed for lots of paint on your hands this week!

  4. yay for being brave with a new, humongous, and really terrifying project! so excited for you!! :)

  5. Love the sweet portrait!:) I know how you feel I often use my small amount of free time on things that don't satisfy. I have many passions and get confused on what to do with that time and often end up doing nothing....well laundry:) Your work is wonderful, important and blesses many. do it when you are able but like you said... give yourself grace! Love my Jonathan portrait it is on my desktop and I enjoy it all day:)

  6. Oh, I can so relate, in my own ways. I appreciate that you recognize it for what it is, but also are practicing gentleness with yourself. Sending good thoughts to you!

  7. Oh, I do the avoiding thing too! And I ask myself why??? Because when we jump in and start creating it comes out beautiful, and maybe, just maybe, the enemy does not want that beauty out there for others to see and feel and heal from. But, he won't win!!!! We will push on in our art!!!

  8. Your paintings are just so sweet Beth. You can see the heart you put in toe each one. I hope you get some Mama Art Time this week. But, like you said...continue to be gentle with yourself! :) (Thanks for the Right Brain link too!)


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