Thursday, April 15, 2010

Only in Montana . . .

. . . can you start the week with a full day of wet and sloppy spring snow . . .

. . . and be sunbathing by Thursday.

To be fair, I only sunbathed for a few minutes between my lunchtime green smoothie and writing. See, my laptop's there on the table -- evidence! Plus a notebook and pen, which is not quite visible, in addition to some tea. The weather folks predict 70*F for tomorrow, which makes me smile.

The dogs are psyched, too. Especially Lio.

In addition to writing (and whipping up the only food that I can truly call orgasmic, coconut cream, and which I polished off this morning), I've been keeping busy . . .
  • Cleaning (the dishes, the yard, the laundry . . .): Not the most exciting update, perhaps, but essential nonetheless.
  • Hooping: I'm pretty fly, wouldn't you say? For a white girl, anyway.
  • Running: I am most excited about this one. Last week (during the brrrrisk weather) I hit the treadmill, and early these week I ran on my rebounder a couple of times. Today, however, I kicked it up a big notch. Jackson and I hit the nearby no-leash-required national forest for a whopping 8.1+ mile jaunt, spanning 1 hour and 35-ish minutes. I did 16 intervals of the following: 5 minutes run, 1 minute walk. Not only was this the farthest I've run in a long time, but we dashed (okay, maybe wobbled, unless you're referring to Jackson) along very steep and rocky bike trails. Some of those inclines were grueling. Good thing the run was totally fun, too. Fun in the sun, which has been a local rarity of late. I'm really proud of myself, and I'm even ignoring the eating disordered urge to squeeze in a quick weight session because, um, I can (but shouldn't). Take that, ED.
How's the weather in your neck of the woods?* Do you find your activity level and/or mood affected by the sun, or lack of it? I sure do, so I'm reveling in this sunshine.

*10 points to the person who can tell me the origin of the phrase "neck of the woods." Please enlighten me.


  1. that dog is tuckered out! so funny!Katherinewhataboutsummer

  2. That's Montana for ya! -30 one minute, upper eighties the next. Crazy but kinda fun. (I now miss it). I am going to have to look up that phrase now.... I loved the snow but hated that it rendered mke indoors mostly, because of the insanity of getting around in a wheelchair. Unless there is snowskiing to be had :D .I loved to sit and watch it snow though. Peaceful, beautiful. Lack of sun can be depressing at times. Wind is horrid, it's the only time I really get cold!

  3. such hormonal weather will piss me off. I won't be able to live in Montana.But then, LA weather is kinda like that, too. It's gone for a dip suddenly.

  4. <a href=" />The 10 points go to google.

  5. Oh my gosh the picture of Lio soaking up the rays cracked me up! I find that my mood is a lot happier in the sunlight and I'm more active. I spend a lot more time outside. Also, I try to get my chores out of the way so I have more free time to get out and do stuff, unlike winter where I'm more lazy.


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