Friday, April 23, 2010

A Kabocha Virgin No Longer

Would you believe that, up until a week ago, I'd never eaten kabocha? This squash seems to have won the hearts of many a health food blogger, but I could never seem to find one in the local grocery stores. A few weeks ago, however, while food shoppingI found an intriguing-looking unlabeled squash with a mottled green skin in the bargain bin. Always up for a squash-y adventure, I added it to my cart, only to later discover that it was in fact a kabocha squash! (At least, I think it was -- feel free to correct me.)

I sliced my elusive little kabocha, sprinkled on some salt and pepper, and roasted the pieces. Forty minutes and a few squirts of ketchup later, I tasted my first bite of kabocha. It was . . . fine. Not bad, but not amazing. It also made my stomach hurt both of the times that I ate some (I only consumed one half at a time). I'm not sure what all the bloggers are raving about. Am I doing something wrong? I wanted to adore the little kabocha that could, but I think I'll stick with my preferred spaghetti squash in the future.

Do you eat kabocha? More importantly, do you like kabocha? If so, what's your favorite way to cook, season, and scarf it?

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  1. Thanks for the Friday Firsts!It looks like kabocha - maybe it wasn't ripe? I've had it 3 or 4 times and it's been delicious! When I cut mine open it smelled almost sweet like a melon. I've had it roasted and steamed and I can't decide which way is my favorite - they're both so good! I think I'd tie it with acorn squash as my favorite. Butternut and spaghetti are runners-up!


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