Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wanted: Roasted Pumpkin Inspiration!

Here's what I did with my Saturday (or part of it -- the rest of it I spent vacuuming, trying to hoop, and feeling sick . . . why do I have to get sick at the end of vacation?):

The question now is -- what do I do with all this roasted pumpkin?!? That's where you come in. Send in your roasted pumpkin ideas or recipes, either through the comments or email me at escagnel04 (at) yahoo (dot) com. (*Note -- that's a zero in my email name, not the letter "o"). I'll pick my favorite, and the winner will have the option of writing a guest post on Kitchen Courage. If the winner is not interested in writing, I will feature them in a post of my own.

To sum up --
  • enter: submit your recipe ideas for what to do with this mess of roasted pumpkin squash
  • deadline: Friday, January 8
  • winnings: guest post/featured post on Kitchen Courage starring you!
Happy pumpkin-ing!


  1. p.s. I can't comment on my domain there a way you can add a name/url option for ppl like me who don't really use their google account?

  2. omg. There's SO many things to do with roasted pumpkin....mac and cheese...pancakes, both savory and sweet...chicken recipe: <a href=" />savory pancake recipe: <a href="<br />soup: <a href=" />croquettes: <a href=" />Yeah. I think I just totally advertised myself, but what can I say? I'm a pumpkin (or kabocha) whore! ;-)


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