Friday, January 8, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere . . .

. . . everywhere, that is, except in my belly. I'll confess -- I hate drinking water! It probably has some ties to my eating disordered thinking, and the fact that I have muffin top insecurity. My youngest sister-in-law has stated on multiple occasions that she loves drinking water. I think that's great, because I know how good water is for you, and how lovely it makes me feel. It gets my digestive track working right. And yet I hardly ever drink it.

So I wanted to tack a little addendum onto my goals for 2010. This year, I'd like to start drinking more water more regularly. I'm not planning on cutting down my coffee/caffeine intake (let's leave that hurdle for 2011, shall we?), but I think that might happen naturally by drinking more water.

I made a good start on this goal yesterday. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday languishing at home on my couch, sick and yucky-feeling. Yesterday, though, I returned to work and spent my few bits of spare time brewing herbal tea (thanks to my dad for leaving a nearly-full box of lemon zinger tea with us last week -- I think I drank 5 cups of it yesterday morning alone!) and then guzzling it while I taught, planned, emailed, and so forth. My belly's thoughts? Thank you! We'll see if I can keep it up, but I think my tummy will appreciate it if I do.

On a side note, I know that the above photo has nothing to do with water consumption. It does, however, have water in it. I snapped it this weekend when the Best Husband Ever and I visited the bark park with two of our three dogs. Another goal that I've added for this year is to get back into take more pictures. More specifically, I'd like to take non-food-themed photos. To help encourage me in this, I've started a 365 project, which I'm documenting on a brand new blog, Camera Cowgirl.

Project 365 asks participants to take a photo a day for one year. It's like the two 365 self-portrait projects that I never quite finished. (Actually, I think I did finish the second attempt, but I never posted all my photos to the group or my set. Oops.) This new project is more general, and can be photos of anything. So far my 2010 photo subjects tally up as follows:

Dogs: 4/7 (but none of Cody yet, only Jackson and Lio)
Food: 2/7
Technology: 1/7

Hmm. I may need to branch out a little to make it to the end of 2010. Dog photos are going to get old really fast. Which is why it's good, I suppose, that my most recent photo is non-canine. It's a little abstract, though -- can you guess what this is a photo of?

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