Monday, April 28, 2008

Brekkers, and Some Changes

This is among my favorite breakfasts, and it's quite healthy as it includes calcium, protein, and produce. I had one cup of fat free vanilla yogurt with a sliced banana and one-half cup of frozen berries, alongside a cardamom crepe with a little peanut butter and the remaining banana. Plus tea -- Lady Grey, of course!

I've been feeling the need for further organization on Muffin Love, specifically in the form of post titles. So, in an effort to dispel further future waffling on this matter (and I have already done quite a bit of waffling, and definitely not of the breakfasty Belgian variety), I decided that it's time. This post, as you will notice, has a title. Bear with me, as naming things (novels, pet rats, and, clearly, blog posts) is not my strongest suit.

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