Friday, January 3, 2014

What Women Want From the Church: A Whole Church

photo by Jennifer Upton

I need you to believe what I have to say has value for all people, for women and men.  I need you to believe that what I am about to share here is my heart, and that it is worth consideration by all readers regardless of their sex, because it does.

I need you to believe that I and my sisters and mothers and aunts and daughters and grandmothers carry just as much power and authority and responsibility in the church and our marriages and this world as my husband, as my brothers and fathers and uncles and sons and grandfathers, because we do.

I need you to believe that women are adventurous and brave and strong and sharp and talented and eloquent and funny and as able as men to change the world and hearts and lives, because we are.  And I need you to believe that men are emotional and sensitive and thoughtful and lovely and nurturing and as able as women to soften the world's hard edges with their tears and their laughter, because they are.

I'm writing  over at Preston Yancey's blog for his series, "What Women Want From the Church."

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