Friday, September 28, 2012

On Waiting

I vlogged!

Yes, there are a number of rookie mistakes here, but I had some thoughts that I was eager to share with you in a less painstaking manner than my dictation software allows, so -- here it is, my first-ever video blog!  I am excited to try it again, next time perhaps using a tripod.  ;)

Tell me -- what are your thoughts on waiting?  How do you wait well?


  1. Beth you have such wisdom to impart as a result of all that you've been through. Thank-you for sharing your ponderings. I can so relate to the waiting for the next thing, especially as a mom. I was always looking to the next stage- as in I can't wait until my baby can sit, can't wait until my baby can crawl, can't wait until my baby can walk, go to school, etc. etc. etc. But then one day all of my babies had graduated and moved away! It went so fast and I hadn't recognized the value of each day. Each moment is precious and it is not a cliche that they grow up fast! You are blesses with wisdom beyond your 30 years and so blessed to recognize the need to see the value of waiting before your baby comes rather then after he has grown. God bless you for sharing yourself here and I do pray for a speedy recovery from your fall!

  2. Well that was just awesome! I don't think I know anyone that likes waiting or even less who appreciate the learning in the waiting. I know I don't all the time. I too need to stop focusing on the waiting itself and focus on the now, live in the moment, listen for the lessons in the waiting. Thanks for the reminder!!

    BTW I love your smile!

  3. Beth you are so cute, you smile is contagious:) It was fun to get to hear you talk after reading your blog so much. Well as far as waiting I HEAR you I have often felt like I am waiting on something yet at the same time trying t slow life down. A great paradox for me. Right now I am waiting to get pregnant with a rainbow baby more specifically waiting each month to find out. Yet I am also in a time of really wanting to slow life down and enjoy my soon to be 15 year old (crazy, how did that happen?) SO I often feel a tug of war. Love all you insight on waiting, thanks for making me think! Praying for a wonderful testimony to come from this seemingly hard experience.

  4. Oh Beth, I so loved hearing you. Loved. You did awesome. Your vlog also made me cry, but I kept thinking the same thing too that these are the situations that God just must love. I cannot imagine being a new mama with a broken arm but you are no doubt going to rock that and learn new ways to get around and do things.

    Your insight on looking at life as a series of waiting games versus enjoying it in the moment was amazing. I have to say I've been there too. When Jenna was in the NICU that verse about 'this too shall pass' kept rolling through my mind, of course FULLY believing she would live. I just couldn't wait to take her home! When she died I felt so bad that I actually wanted that season of life to end. That was a huge wake up call for me to enjoy every moment, which I do believe God allowed us to do in the NICU, but there were just moments when it was all too much. I do believe God will give you something to take away from this waiting... a beautiful gift.

    Praying and thinking of you often.

    And!!!! Can I just say it brought tears to my face seeing your pic on fb holding Jacob today! I am bursting with happiness for you sweet mama.

  5. Beth, this is beautiful! I wanted to have time to focus on and listen fully so, I know it's been up a little while.

    Sending love to you all. *huge hugs*

  6. The value in waiting. I am a bad waiter, and this so encouraged me.

    I woke up this morning thinking about you and praying for you, which is a little odd since I've never even met you in person! Who says that Internet friendships can't be real, though? : ) I hope that you are well, and I trust that God is giving you continued grace and courage!

  7. The biggest cyber congrats on Jacobs safe arrival!!!!!!!!

  8. The camera thinks you're cool. Make more.

  9. It was sweet to hear your story. I lost a little boy in Dec. who was 9 weeks too early and I got pregnant the next January with my daughter who was born on October 20. She's now 33 years old. What you're going through is not easy but you have a good attitude and you have the most exciting things to come and it's all worth the wait and the heartbreaks.


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