Friday, June 15, 2012


I feel like I've got quite a few art projects going on right now.  I don't know if I actually have a lot, it just feels like a lot.  I'm good with either one!  In addition to last week's projects (which are just about done and will be listed for sale this coming week), here are some new things on my art table . . .

This girl is part of my Life Book 2012 classwork.  I'm really enjoying the lessons from Tam Laporte in particular -- her shading techniques are really stretching me as an artist (which is sometimes frustrating and not so comfortable).  Here's a peek:


And then I decided to try to practice Tam's drawing and shading techniques without the support of a video, and this girl is the result.  I'm not sure why she looks so evil (at least, why she looks so evil to me):


What are you working on?  

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p.s.  Wondering why art is suddenly appearing on this blog when I have a whole other blog dedicated to it?  I've decided to consolidate my two blogs into one.  The Epiphany Art Studio blog will soon be an informational page, and this will be my sole blog.  


  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw Ms. Evil was "queen." Like the typical straight on symmetrical picture of an evil queen, like the snow white queens we've been seeing on TV. I don't think she's evil, I just think it’s that "look" that we've been conditioned too in other media.

    I’m working on…the everyday I guess

    1. Ooh I like "queen" much better than "evil." ;) And now that you mention it, I can definitely see more of an aristocratic air about her instead of evilness. We've been watching Downton Abbey, and this girl looks like she'd fit right in there with the gentry.

      I'm glad that you are working on the everyday. That stuff is hard. Hugs.


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