Friday, June 22, 2012

33 Caffeine-Free Ways to Recharge the Tired Heart

Remember that last post, where I complained?  You know, about feeling exhausted?


I've been thinking.

What if that wasn't physical or bodily exhaustion?  After checking in with my doctor and assessing my sleep, eats, and exercise, nothing physical seems to be a cause.

So, what if the exhaustion is the result of something else?

Something emotional, perhaps, or even spiritual?  Or something deeper, something that has no name?

I think that that is quite likely.

Because after I complained wrote about how tired I felt, I felt better.  And then the next day, still feeling tired but not quite on such an extreme level, I visited a friend then went home and wrote my next article for Still Standing Magazine -- and felt really, really good.  Like, ridiculously good.

I haven't been spending very much time with my friends.  Not because I don't love them -- I do, and am so grateful for them -- but because I seemed to be needing some more me-space.  And I'm not sure that that need has been fully met . . . but I wonder if the meeting of it should be tempered a bit with some face-to-face time with the people in my life who make my heart sing, even in the midst of grief?

And then there's the creativity side of things.  After I wrote that article -- and the writing of it brought me to grieving, grateful tears -- and felt so dang awesome, I began to wonder.  Am I not creating enough?  The bulk of my recent art endeavors have been either for online classes that I am taking or attempts at new kinds of things.  While learning and trying new things is not bad, much of that art time seemed to be spent in my head, and perhaps I need to spend a bit more time creating the stuff that comes out of my heart and sharing the things that are profoundly important to me?

From there, I began to wonder further.  Are there other things that nourish and energize me, things that I'm forgetting, missing out on?

Yes, I realized.  Mostly definitely.  So I decided to make a list.

This is what sings to me.  Maybe some of them sing to your tired heart, too?

Summer light
climbing mountains with Cody -- it's on the list!

33 Ways to Re-Energize (Without Having to Drink a Gallon of Coffee)
  • creating from the heart
  • hanging out with trusted loved ones
  • laughing with the Best Husband Ever
  • petting my dogs for more than a few strokes, really sitting down to give them love
  • writing 
  • writing in my journal, for no one's eyes but my own
  • having music I enjoy playing throughout the background of my day
  • crying
  • reading inspiring, call-to-action stuff 
  • just the act of reading, period
  • sitting on our back deck when it's dripping with shade in the mid-afternoon
  • going outside when it's windy, feeling the breeze on my skin
  • going outside, period 
  • napping (I am so resistant to naps! I think this is left over from my eating disorder days)
  • drinking more water
  • making hummus for the first time in years, then eating some (I just did this, and it was SO good)
  • going on photo walks
  • not obsessively checking and rechecking my email, Facebook, etc. throughout the day
  • lit candles
  • trying out new simple and healthy recipes 
  • climbing mountains with the pups (when I'm not pregnant, that is)
  • hugging
  • letting going of self-judgement and guilt when I have a rest day
  • snuggling with the Best Husband Ever  
  • giving, especially when the gift is a surprise and/or not an exchange
  • walking barefoot in lush green grass
  • not watching movies/shows that have content that leaves me feeling icky
  • loom knitting
  • drinking even more water
  • showering (I hate taking showers/baths, so put it off to the last stressful minute)
  • doing exercise that is enjoyable as well as good for my body
  • wading
  • dipping into the Source of Life  
Your turn -- how do you re-energize your heart, mind, and soul when they are utterly exhausted?


  1. Thinking of others and how I can help them have a brighter day. I don't mean self-denial or caretaking mode. I mean instead of getting stuck in the over analysis, what about me and my needs mode. Cultivating gratitude is one of the best energizers I know.

  2. Oh, Beth, this is a lovely post.

    After a weekend of filling, but also somewhat exhausting retreat, yesterday was a day at home where I worked so hard to not feel guilty about not being at work or doing the things that needed doing (at least, as my brain thought it). I went for a long run, spent some time catching up online, listened to music, cooked good food, read. These are things that both fill me up without exhaustion and allowed me to let go of the expectations I sometimes put on myself when I have a day off. (Because, honestly, I often have To Do lists for my days off....)

    And I also completely agree with Ravensdreams!

  3. Learning and trying new things is not bad, much of that art time seemed to be spent in my head, and perhaps I need to spend a bit more time creating the stuff.Generic Cialis


"I am glad you are here with me."
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King