Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[Mostly] Shameless Self-Plugging

In addition to this blog as well as my other, more general blog (and, at the moment, sadly neglected), Wannabe Cowgirl, I have a couple of other presences on the web where you can find my writing and content. One is Foodbuzz, the foodie networking and resource site that I blogged about a short while ago.

Another major hot spot for my original published articles is Associated Content. This website has given some of the recipes from Muffin Love a home, such as my mini frittata recipe. That's not all, though! I have numerous publications there, many of them food-related, while others are not. Find recipes, reviews, and other fun articles by your's truly. In the spirit of (mostly) shameless self-promotion, here are a few of my articles, both food-related and otherwise, that have been published by Associated Content.

Food-Themed Articles

Fast and Fabulous Fourth of July Recipes -- Three delicious, easy, and nutritious recipes to grace the table of your Independence Day celebration.

Starbucks' Honey Latte: A Review of Starbucks' Newest Beverage -- I give my thoughts on the summer's newest espresso creation available at Starbucks.

Mother's Day Morning Meal Idea -- A collection of delicious and healthy recipes that make the perfect spring-themed Mother's Day brunch. My favorite dish from this bunch is for apple cottage cheese pancakes. Yum!

Surprising Eco-Friendly Moms with Green Mother's Day Celebrations -- Ideas on how to honor and celebrate a green-minded mom, from food to activities to gifts.

Special Mother's Day Picnic Recipes -- A group of recipes that are both tasty and portable whether you're using them to celebrate Mother's Day or not.

McCormick's Fish House & Bar: A Review -- I review the Denver, CO, seafood restaurant. Don't worry if you don't live in Denver, because there are hundreds of McCormick's restaurants locations nationwide.

Consorzio Mango Fat-Free Dressing: A Review -- In this product review I check out the fat-free mango dressing made by the same folks as Annie's Naturals products.

The New LUNA Tea Cake: A Review -- This time I take on the newest snack-time nutrition bar from the makers of the LUNA Bar.

Other Interesting Articles

How to Learn Yoga at Home -- I offer some advice on how to learn yoga in the comfort and privacy of your own home, reviewing the best books, DVDs, and other resources for such an endeavor.

Coast to Coast: the 10 Biggest Fourth of July Events in the U.S -- Ever wonder what the best places to celebrate Independence Day are? Here are my thoughts on some of the biggest events in the nation.

Play Typer Shark Online -- I review the best web locations to play and download the addictive cult game, Typer Shark.

Some of my other published articles include video game reviews, and watch for future content in the field of education as I have a number of lesson plans in the works. Also, more holiday menu and quick recipe ideas are on tap, as are additional yoga-themed articles. To stay updated, subscribe to my AC content feed by clicking on "Subscribe" here.

If you are a freelance writer and are interested in joining Associated Content as a content producer yourself, learn more here.


  1. Hey there. I just found your blog and subscribed.Is it going to make me crave carbs?

  2. I hope not! It's not ALL about muffins.... ;)


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