Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Blessing for Your Rebel Heart by Amanda Fall

{A note from Beth: from May through August 2015, I am featuring some delicious guest writers here on the blog as I recover from pregnancy and birth and adjust to our new family rhythms (find more details here).  Enjoy!} 

photos by Amanda Fall

May you feel wildly
loved . . .
just as you are.

May you never again
diminish or debase,
soften or smother
your fiery spirit,
the unchained
of you.

May you believe
your (whole) story matters,
even/especially the mucky bits,
the secrets you usually keep,
the broken pieces you try to hide.

May you believe your worthiness
does not depend on anyone or anything
other than your own
the ringing gong you have ignored
too long, the come-to-attention
your soul is calling,

May you lose yourself
in raucous laughter,
in weep-wails
from your rebel heart,
in holy howls
of yes.

May you relax, whole-soul,
into knowing you are
radiant, through & through:
when you feel like
a total MESS.

May you feel alive
and powerful
and free,


from the top of your head
to the tips of your toes.

Just as you are.
Here. Now.

Amanda Fall is a truth-teller, love-believer, sacred-seeker, and heart-on-her-sleever. She is the proud creator, editor, and publisher of The Phoenix Soul, a fiercely indie digital magazine and community honoring life’s grit and grace.

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