Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When We Try to Save the World, Together

I've been feeling increasingly unsettled. About our earth, our inequalities, our consumer culture, our broken political system (here in America, anyway).  It gnaws at me, this concern.  And it's not the kind of needless worry, born out of my worst fears.  No, it is the kind that is based in uncomfortable fact.  Even our rather heads-in-the-sand-ish leaders have recently acknowledged the dire state of our earth.

When it was just me, I could brush the concern away.  Sure, we might destroy ourselves, and I'd die.  End of story, no big deal (um, this is pretty telling about my self-perception, huh?).

But now . . . I'd have to watch this person suffer, for the sins of his parents and grandparents and great-grandparents:

And it's not just him.  Being a mama of this sweetest of boys, and of his sister, has awakened my heart and my mind to the hearts and minds of those around me, and those who live a world away from me.  I am responsible to him, to them.  To myself.  To the earth itself.

In this information age, I can't hide from it any longer.  I won't, I refuse to, I absolutely cannot stand to ignore that gnawing in my gut any longer.

So . . . I started a new blog, called Act Small, Think Big.  Its goal is to help us begin to make small and sustainable-for-us changes in our lifestyles that will, collectively [hopefully], yield large, impactful results on our world. 

I think that we here in the western, privileged world have a greater responsibility to pioneer these kinds of very needed changes, because we have the greater resources and opportunity to do so.  Also, due to our consumer culture, it's my opinion that we've had the largest hand in the damage done (oops), so it's our job to clean up at least some of our own mess.

Okay, now, the purpose of Act Small, Think Big is not to ignite guilt and "shoulds" within our souls, and certainly not to add an additional heavy burden to our already laden shoulders.  It's about progress, not perfection.  And -- bonus! -- many if not most of these sustainable-for-you changes are not only fairly easy and painless, but will also positively benefit your health and/or your wallet.  Win!

And!  I'm looking for guest posters.  If you have a simple tip on how to green up, kick inequality to the curb, re-enliven our political systems, address the factory farming industry, and whatever other change-the-world-ish topics are close to your heart, please check out the submission guidelines here, and then drop me an email.

Check out Act Small, Think Big here, and find us on Facebook here


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