Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Creative Kindred Conversation at {e} everyday art

If you know Erica of {e} everyday art, you know what a delight she is.  And if you haven't met her yet, I hope you will trek over to her internet home posthaste and get acquainted, because she is luminous.  A woman who is crazy creative in her own right, Erica is also one of the most gifted encouragers that I have ever met.  I'm serious, people.  She is on a mission to ignite the creativity that dwells within all of us, no matter how long it may have lain dormant. 

She interviewed me for her Creative Kindred Conversation series, and today that interview is live!  I feel so honored and privileged to be featured on her blog. Thank you, Erica!  Check out a few of her luscious questions and my replies below, and find the full interview here
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:: Describe your creative practice in three words.
Discovering, deep, truth (and if I’m allowed I’d also like to add quirky, colorful, and textured.  rule breaker!)

:: What or who inspires you?
Everything!  Ha!  :)  I know, that’s not really helpful.  But I have a hard time pointing to one or a few specific things and saying, “That is what inspires me.”  The sunrise and moon, the frosted grass, my son’s breath, my husband’s lips on mine – these are all fodder.  And I also value expressing truth very highly, so my art and writing tell my truth about grief or my spiritual wrestling or whatever it is that’s most important to me at the moment.

I do know that I get my very best ideas (usually my art ideas) while running on the treadmill, so I am constantly typing misspelled notes into my iPad.  And I also know that I grow very stagnant if I stop reading and viewing art and art process videos.

I’ve recently also started a vital indulgence in artist dates as recommended by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way.  It was a bit awkward at first, but so richly reward…and fun!

:: How do you “love through” obstacles or stagnancy back to your creative center and passion?
I don’t force myself.  I am mama to an amazing toddler that keeps me on my toes, and just finished up single-handedly running the Made ecourse in addition to my art shop…and that’s before factoring in stealing time to write and/or paint, and hanging with my hubby.  All that to say – I’m in and/or just coming out of an intensely busy and draining season.  There’s a lot going on, and I often feel like I’m being pulled in every direction.  So I try to be gentle with myself, and not try to shame myself into getting back to work. . . .


  1. oh beth. *phew* lump in my throat. wow. i am so touched by your beautiful words here. thank you, warrioress. i am better because i know you. xo


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