Monday, October 14, 2013

Wild Woman Emerging

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Quite a few of you asked, after reading this post, "What does it look like to howl in the wild?"  I have wondered myself.  Here is the beginning of a response...

Who am I in the wildlands?  What am I once the Lion has laid his claws into me for the gentle agony and stripped off these frozen scales, leaving me pink and bloody as a newborn soul?

I fear that once his sharpened love pierces my shell this tepid skin will deflate and bely all my empty.

But I hope that instead he'll loose a wild woman.  One who is not afraid to own her mind, to drip paint messy, to not shrink back and let others build her heart up into iron clad stone. 

Her hair and her words will fly, her heart will pulse with the beat of the cosmos, and generations of chains locked by those who should have loved will crumble into power.  She will kick her moccasin in its dust and grin and care nothing for deepening wrinkles and sagging skin because she is -- for the first time in all these eons of dark -- free.

Fear can claim no purchase.

She flaps her feathers and dances with the Lion of the joy that is mending all at last.

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  1. Powerful! My wild woman has been released this year as I spent time in the Wildlands. I discovered who God designed me to be and emerged from the Wild more in love with my Creator, and myself than I have ever felt in my entire life! I have never felt this free-free to be ME.

  2. "Love, love, love!"...says your friend in the wilderness.

  3. yes, yes, yes. yes! ohhh friend, yes.

  4. You came to my mind yesterday as I stood at the sink being rather ordinary and not at all wild but I was praying for you and thought I needed to be checking in over here and seeing how wild was working out. :) I love your transparency Beth...and I am committed to continue to pray for you during this time. God gave me a vision of being a lioness yesterday. I was cowardly and being tamed but i found a way out through a door called was quite a vision, unusual for me...but I may be on the prowl myself...we'll see...blessing to you sweet momma


"I am glad you are here with me."
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King