Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Birthday Week Made eCourse + Art Giveaway

I always feel a little silly, writing about my birthday every year.  And each year, I resolve to not mention it the next year . . . and then do anyway.  :)

Have you guessed yet?  This week is my birthday!  So to celebrate, I'd like to throw a bit of a party here on the blog.  I'm giving away some fun prizes.  You can win:

one of three (!!!) spots in the Made eCourse, which starts this Sunday (!!!!!!), September 1

one of three (!!!) 4" x 6" Epiphany Art Studio prints (winner's choice) 

You can enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below.  Entries close at midnight on Saturday, August 31, and winners will be announced later that day.  Good luck!  I can't wait to see who wins, and to read your answers to my "leave a comment" question.  Thanks for helping me to celebrate my birthday, and for forgiving my prodigious use of exclamation points.  I'm so glad we're connected.


  1. For your birthday giveaway, and because this is a good question!: What question has been pressing on my heart lately?

    Lately, the question has been: Am I really a good Christian? Am I really as nice and kind and thoughtful and understanding and considerate as I THINK I am, because sometimes, I don't feel those things at all! And when I ask myself that question, it's not so I can change to make things right with God, or get into Heaven, because I know that being "good" is not the requirement for those things. When I ask it, it is because I want my life to show the love of Jesus, and if I'm not "good" (thoughtful, kind, ect..) will He shine through? I don't know. I hope so.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you so much for having this giveaway Beth. I am so grateful for the chance to enter - and believe me, I have entered in every possible way!!

    So, for my answer to "What question has been pressing on my heart lately?" The question has been: "When will I stop trying to control everything myself and just 'let go and let God?'" I feel God has really been trying to tell me that HE is there for me and that I don't have to go it alone. And that I really need to TRUST TRUST TRUST. I need to completely surrender to Him because THEN mighty things will happen. No more letting Him in 10% and try and manage the rest of the 90% on my own.

  3. Happy Birthday! Thank you for this chance for the Made class!!!! What question has been on my heart lately. A major decision for our family, whether or not to add to our brood. The decision will effect everyone and it would be really nice if my heart and head would align in the decision making process. Wait for my pillar of smoke answer to come!

  4. The question on my heart is, how do I balance it all? Which hats do I wear and which ones sit on the shelf? (B/c I've tried, and whaddyaknow, I can't do everything, lol!) It's wonderful to have a world of possibilities like that, a mind bursting with ideas, but it's a hard process to choose the next step.
    Happy birthday, by the way. :)

  5. Hey Beth!!!

    Happy Birthday :)
    This is so very generous of you, thank you for the chance!!

    My question has been What is my purpose here while on earth, I mean what gifts and talents am I to use? I've never been sure if I'm going down the right path! I've been pondering this for quite awhile now!!

    Thank you again Beth!!!
    Enjoy your Birthday :)

  6. Happy, happy birthday! (I think I was a little off on my FB greeting; for some reason when I use my kindle, the birthday notifications are a day ahead.)

    My question is not extremely deep. I have been wondering when my motivation will return. I feel my strength rising, and my courage to face the days returning, and I'm grateful. I think I will be able to begin meeting deadlines again soon instead of drifting through my projects willy-nilly. :)

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaways.

  7. Happiest of Happy Birthday's dear friend. SO glad you are in my life.

    My question (s) how? Why? How long?

    Love to you and holding you in my heart as well,


  8. Hooray!! Happy Birthday lady!!
    So excited for your giveaway!!

  9. Happy Birthday, beautiful mama!

  10. Happy birthday Beth! Happy to have found your fb page and your blog! The question that has been at the forefront of my mind lately is "how can i do it all?" Since finding the art journal community & rekindling a daily creative practice (almost daily actually), I discovered I want to do this long term...maybe teach art journaling classes/workshops down the line...but I'd also like to homeschool my girls...(still have a few years to go til that one though). I have a huge heart for art in ministry/faith-centered art but also have a passion developing for home educating. Anyways, would love to win this contest if it's meant to be!

  11. Happy birthday, sweet friend. So SO blessed to have met you by accident, and formed such an amazing friendship with you. So, so much wild powerful love to you, dearheart.

    {http://dramaticelegance.blogspot.com/2013/08/a-question-selah-cottage.html :: this is my answer to your question, btw}

  12. What a beautiful soul you are Beth. I so love following you (practically everywhere, LOL). The question on my heart lately is how best to model grace in my life as I strip away layers of falseness. xoxo

  13. Happy Birthday Beth!

    What a sweet idea for your birthday! Thank you for your ongoing generosity!

    What question has been on my heart lately? I think just to know what path I should take...I love how you have truly found your calling through art, writing and healing. I know writing is on my heart and I just want to pursue that with all of myself if that's God's direction for me. <3

  14. Happy birthday! I am glad to be a follower of yours, as your posts really resonate with me, as does your artwork. The question on my heart lately - is it the right time to change my career to one that feeds my soul? The answer - YES! It is a huge change but one I believe to be right for me. And necessary. It is something that will connect me to the babies I have lost as well as the babies I hope to mother on earth.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Happy birthday. ;-)

    The question on my heart regards my future security here on earth. I have no trouble with my eternal security, but there are many things happening in my life right now that cause me to question these things. Even though I know I am to trust Jesus for these things, I am struggling through many thoughts and fears, I suppose. A short response to my current massive inner turmoil. ;-)

  16. The question that has been pressing on my heart is "What is my next step?" My whole life has been planned and gone perfectly until this year when there were some major bumps in the road. But I always try to stay positive and keep on the path, even though I don't know exactly what that path is right now. I have realized that my life is not going to go exactly how I planned it, I need to just put my faith in God about my struggles.

  17. Hey beautiful lady, Happy Day that you wear formed, woven so tenderly by our loving God. He has gifted with words to say and eyes to see, hands to create. You were Made for this place and this time for His good purpose.

    My question: How can I live my one life well? (quoting Ann V. of course) You know I don't want to waste the gift of the day---and the night. Even as I am past the middle of my life (most likely) I still want each to matter.

  18. To answer the questions about "What's been pressing on my heart lately" The answer is faith.
    So often I assume that I have faith, even if it's as small as a mustard seed, I of course have that much. Then I look around my life at the actions of faith, and wonder if really it's just bravado parading in dress up clothes.

  19. The question that has been pressing on my heart lately? How will what I have experienced in this past year and a half shape the rest of my life? How does hope for eternity and for the restoration of all things make a difference here and now in this context I am in?

  20. Happy Birthday Beth! What a lovely thing to do on YOUR birthday....give stuff away. Since I want to do EVERY fun THING there is to do, and since I can't do EVERY fun THING in this lifetime, the question pressing on my heart is which fun THINGS do I have to let go? Oh no....please no...not that...or that...or that!

  21. So sweet and generous to give goodies away for *your* birthday! Not sure if I've missed the deadline so if I have just ignore this comment. lol.
    Pressing on my heart lately? Honestly, most often it is what I am supposed to be doing with my life career-wise right now. I've been a stay at home momma for 19 years (8-9 of those I had a home daycare and a couple of years I also worked part time at Michaels). Now that my kids are older, youngest is almost 10, I need to figure out where God is leading me. Not an easy decision!

  22. I know Paulett but none of the other teachers. I looked on their sites hoping to find video tutorials to see if they have a tripod for their cameras or have have lots of movement using a phone or something else. I would like to catch a glimpse of their teaching styles - do any of them have youtube videos?

    1. Hi LindieLee,

      I'm not sure how many of them have YouTube accounts...you'd have to inquire with them directly. I know that Brandy Walker of www.brandyglows.com for sure is on YouTube.


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