Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wild Goslings: Engaging With Kids in the Mysteries of God

I am sitting at my kitchen table typing with my sweet son at my side happily eating his rice puffs, and I am teetering on the edge of tears.  I have been reading this wonderful book called Wild Goslings: Engaging With Kids in the Mysteries of God.  And it makes me want to cry with how beautiful it is.

Wild Goslings is a brand new book created by friend and world-changer Brandy Walker dedicated revitalizing and revolutionizing the way we as Jesus followers love, teach, and raise our children.  Brandy with a host of contributing writers (myself included) delve into such subjects as prayer, friendship, Sunday school, doubt, worship, sex, technology, gender, teens, abuse, tragedy, homeschooling, mental health, and more (seriously -- this book is epic).  I am currently paused on the chapters on doubt, which feel particularly relevant for me both as a person and as a parent. 

And even though I've been involved in this incredible project that every parent, teacher, kids' ministry leader, and childcare worker (and, frankly, anyone who plans to interact with children ever, meaning everyone) should read right now . . . I didn't realize just how incredible it was going to be.  So the final product?  It moves me to tears.

It makes me want to cry because I love to see the words of women who have become my friends and sisters changing the world.

It makes me want to cry because our culture does not value children.

It makes me want to cry because of the ways I have failed the children in my life.

It makes me want to cry because of the ways I was failed as a child.

It makes me want to cry because this job of parenting my beautiful child well is so, so big and hard.

It makes me want to cry because I know even more than I did before that -- I am not alone in all these things.  None of us are.

And so I give you Wild Goslings, a more than 550 page book inspiring and guiding you through the terrifying, exquisite trenches of interacting with kids with and about God.  It is now available on Amazon Kindle, and will soon be available as a hard copy as well.  And right now Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for free

Want to know more?  Check out these equally tear-jerking video from Wild Goslings creator and my friend, Brandy Walker, or stay up to date with all things Wild Goslings at Brandy's site, Brandyglows.

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