Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking a Break From Memorial Drawings

Not Forgotten drawings

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the new Not Forgotten memorial drawings for babies gone too soon that I've posted as I finish them.  It has been a humbling and vulnerable and beautiful experience to create this sweet imaginings that ease babylost mamas' hearts just a little.  Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to draw your sweet child.

But . . . I need to take a break from the drawings, at least for a little while.  First of all, because of time -- I just don't have any.  I have guest posts and Still Standing articles that need writing, other artwork that's calling my name, and a Very Big Project (which I'll be announcing soon) that are using up the scant free time I have outside of mama-ing.  I am struggling to meet my Not Forgotten deadline, and that's not okay.

More than that, though, I am feeling a bit used up.  I am not able to pour the amount of energy and love into these drawings that the babies that they represent (and their parents) deserve.  This is a sacred project, and if there's only stress than something's not working right.  It's time to rest.

So I am stepping away from them, for the time being at least.  I may do some more here and there, but they will be free and won't come with a heavy-feeling deadline.

I will, however, be continuing on with my mixed media artwork.  Art is self-care for me, so that won't be going away any time soon.  I just won't be doing any custom work or commissioned pieces.  

To the mamas who allowed me to draw your sweet baby (or babies) -- thank you.  Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  It has truly been an honor.

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  1. So understandable Beth. I ADORE mine and I am so thankful to have it!


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