Monday, May 7, 2012


On Mondays, I catch you up on the beautiful gifts — both large and small, hard and comfortable — that God has been giving me.  Start your own One Thousand Gifts adventure by clicking on the banner below.

... hearing Baby #2's heartbeat for the third time
... Still Standing Online Magazine for infant loss and infertility going live
... chicken in the crock-pot for dinner
... the dogs chewing on their yellow bones
... a swept floor
... a cleared kitchen table
... a walk along the river
... the Best Husband Ever, all the time
... worshiping along with my iPod
... knowing that He is using Eve's life and death to change everything


  1. Love you! You are so beautiful. Also...cleared kitchen table = one of my favorite things!

  2. I love this list!
    I have to admit, chicken in the crockpot made my tummy grumble and I smiled along with a cleared kitchen table b/c I just cleared our kitchen island last night and know the feeling!
    Love, love, love that Eve's life and death has a meaning and purpose for others!

  3. Beautiful list Beth! I love the part about Eve, it is so wonderful how you have taken tragedy and turned it to triumph with your beautiful writing that encourages others.

    1. Thank you, Tesha! But any turning-around is God's work, not mine. I'm just so grateful that the details of our lives and pain and joy matter to Him.

  4. I really like the picture of peaceful. And a clean kitchen table? It happens so rarely I dream of it as a child dreams of Christmas.

    1. It warms my heart to learn that other people's kitchen tables are chronically messy, too! I thought it was just me. :)

  5. What a blessing to read through your posts! Thanks for your encouraging comment. Thank you for sharing your beauty:)


"I am glad you are here with me."
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King