Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goodbye, Autumn?

frosty leaves

This afternoon I raked our front yard, even though not all the leaves have fallen.  The weatherman is predicting our first real snow for this weekend (even though we already had some scattered snowflakes over the past two weeks).  Last year early snows surprised us and left us raking this spring, so this time around I'd at least like to get as much of what's already fallen out from beneath the snow as possible.  So I raked.

And as I raked, I thought about autumn.  About how it's very likely that this beautiful, wonderful, best-of-all season is almost over.  After all, we made it to November without any snow accumulation, which is not something that I've seen in Montana since moving here five years ago.  But autumn is my favorite season, and the winters here get very, very long.

So, as I raked, I couldn't help wondering -- shouldn't I be sad?  Because I usually am when forced to bid fall farewell.  Because going months without sun is hard, especially for those of us suffering from depression or SAD.  Because snow is only magical until it turns gray and hard and freezes my spirit.

But I don't feel sad.  Not even a little.  And I have to ask myself -- why??

The only answer I can come up with is God.  God changing my mind, changing my heart, changing what I think about big and small "bad things" and "bad times."  God changing everything.

And after that, I can only whisper, a thousand times over -- thank you.


How do you feel about the encroaching winter?  Has any snow fallen on you yet?  

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