Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hard at "Work"

Since starting to use my wonderful watersoluble crayons, I seem to have become completely addicted to them.  They blend beautifully, so much better than acrylic or even watercolor paint.  That's my opinion, anyway.  :)

What that means, though, is that I am so excited to use them that I continue to work on new creations every day.  And when I say work, I really mean play, because that's how it feels.  Here's what I'm currently "working" on:

In progress...

Can you guess who the woman is supposed to be?  I will make this print available in my shop as a Christmas card soon.  As I wrote the other day, I'm trying to produce a series of mixed media pieces that either have an overt holiday theme or a more general faith theme, like the one that I just listed in my Etsy shop, with a print of my "Celebrate" piece:

As with all of my cards, this one comes with free shipping!  To learn why I offer free shipping on most of the items in my shop, read this.  Find more blank cards featuring my mixed media creations here

I can't believe that Christmas is pretty much right around the corner!  I'm trying to not feel overwhelmed by the barrage of emails I'm getting from Etsy telling me to GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS, ALREADY.  Instead, I'm trying to continue to enjoy art-making, refine my skills, and trust God to direct me on when it's time to start working more on the business side of things.

Are you doing anything special in your business/work to get ready for the holidays?  What do you do to avoid feeling overwhelmed?


  1. Beth, this is beautiful. The water soluble crayons are brilliant arn't they? :D

  2. Thank you, Kylie! And YES -- I am in love with those crayons!!!


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