Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy, Busy Reader

Day 35 / In touch

How is it Friday already?  Not to mention a whole new month . . . hello, July!  This week has been a busy one for me, but definitely in a good way.  No regrets here -- except that I've been remiss in my blogging.  Oops!  Sorry, folks.

Aside from keeping on with my newly renewed green smoothie habit, I've been filling my days with a lot of reading.  Obviously, I have a huge interest in learning about pregnancy, birth (particularly natural childbirth), and newborn care.  I'm also devouring all the books, blogs, and other resources I can find on babywearing, unschooling, and parenting, among other child rearing topics.  Big stuff, and so important!

As you might imagine, there are many, many different opinions on every single one of those topics -- and it's not always easy to find a balanced, unbiased opinion.  Due to the way I was raised and educated (and this is why both the Best Husband Ever and I are thinking of unschooling), I have a lot of trouble drawing my own conclusions on hot button topics that don't have conclusive evidence for either side, like hospital versus home births.  There are rabid supporters for both sides, and they don't always deliver well-researched, evidence-based reasons for supporting a chosen side.  For me, that results in confusion and frustration.

In an effort to combat that, I have to read a lot of material before I can logically decide where I stand on whatever topic I'm researching.  Not only is that rather overwhelming, but it takes time.  A lot of time.

Which means that I haven't been getting a whole lot of writing or art-making (or blogging . . .) in.  And that, in turn, frustrates the Best Husband Ever, because he can read hundreds of pages of articles during his lunch break and doesn't understand that I can't do the same.  At least, not if I want to actually absorb any information.

Which leaves me wondering -- is reading about childbirth/parenting/education a waste of time?  Should I allow myself the luxury of hours of research while I have the time, or should I focus more on my creative career aspirations?  This, I think, is not an uncommon dilemma for the American mom -- work versus family.  Which is more important?  Because a family can't thrive if the parents aren't earning any money.

For me, I think that my research is more important.  At least for now.  I want to be as prepared as possible when Baby enters the world.  I know myself, and if I wait until after birth to start reading up on newborn care, I just won't do it.  And that, for me, is unacceptable, because I know that I have a lot to learn.  So, for now, I'm going to indulge and read read read!

(And don't worry -- I started some new art projects this week, too!  I'm just not making any money on my creations . . . yet.  Stand by!)

Where do you stand on the tension between work versus family?


  1. I are not wasting your time by researching...every little bit you read (whether you agree or not) is good.

    I have a feeling you are gonna be an "untraditional" household. Have you heard about the book Free-Range Kids...ahh...who am I kidding. I know you have. (0:

  2. No, I hadn't heard of that book! *Runs to the library* Thank you for the suggestion!


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