Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remembering Scones


This past weekend the Best Husband Ever and I hung out with some friends, watching the surprisingly excellent new Sinbad comedy act in the process (yes, Sinbad as in the comedian from the 90s). In addition to being really blown away by how funny, intelligent, and clean Sinbad's show was, I ate a yummy scone baked by one of our friends.

Somehow our conversation got around to the scones (probably after I praised his baking around my mouthful of scone). The masterful baker observed that he loves baking and was sad that he hadn't been doing it much. He had, in effect, forgotten that he loves to bake. Between the busy-ness of work and marriage and life his enjoyment of baking took back burner, and eventually fell off the proverbial stove entirely.

Of course this got me to wondering -- what I have I forgotten that I love? As you probably already guessed from the photo at the top of this post, I got my bake on. I revived my own love of baking by turning out two small whole wheat loves from my favorite cookbook, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. It was fun (and yummy), but in the process I realized that what I really want to bake are some muffins. I mean, this blog used be called "Muffin Love" for goodness sake. I miss my muffins. I need to stock up on muffin-making supplies.

What's something that you have forgotten that you love?

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  1. Good post, Beth, and a good ending question. I do that too - get so busy with life's demands that some of my favorite pastimes get dropped from the juggling. Long afternoons reading, going out in the backyard or to the beach for a photo shoot/spin session, making a new piece of jewelry, working on my writing and editing - those are some of the things I need to do more often.


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