Friday, April 29, 2011

Fitness Frustration

In my last post I wrote about Michelle Dozois and her super workout DVDs.  Well, this post is sort of the opposite of my last due to the fact that my next sweat session turned into a frustration session because of the .  It's an un-recommendation.  I rarely write such posts, but I think this particular DVD that I used is worth the warning.

I decided to try out 10 Minute Solutions' all-cardio DVD, Rapid Results Fat Burner with Cat Chiarelli.  You already know what I think about this 50 minute workout, but I'll say it anyway -- it sucked.  A bunch.

The sad thing, though, is that this workout didn't have to suck.  In fact, Cat Chiarelli's five 10 minute cardio routines actually have quite an interesting concept.  For example, the first segment is based off of drills from sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and hockey.  Interesting, right?

Unfortunately, Chiarelli killed (for me) the uniqueness of her routines with her lack of helpful cueing.  She never demonstrated a move, but just went right into it, usually without even verbally describing it.  And that might have been okay had the DVD not been full of explosive high-impact moves that can be downright dangerous to do incorrectly.

So, all that to say . . . buyer beware.  I think Rapid Results Fat Burner is a big fat fail, unfortunately, no matter how good the ideas behind it are.  You know which workout DVDs I think are awesome (Michelle rocks!).  I'm going to stick with what I know I like.

Are there any workout DVDs that you think fail to deliver?  Do tell, so I can duly avoid them! 

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  1. Thanks for the warning. I get so frustrated when I buy a workout DVD only to find out it's not worth using. I think those DVDS that are geared toward the already fit and knowledgeable should be labeled as such so the buyer doesn't expect the kind of explanation and cueing you mentioned, and those that are geared toward beginners and those trying to get fit should also be labeled as such so people who are looking for an advanced workout don't waste their money and time.


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