Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Everday Adventure (In Photographs)

Did you have any adventures this week, or did you participate in Snapshot Sunday? Do tell!


  1. Beth these are beautiful! Looks like an adventure indeed! I pretty much take pictures everywhere I go - can't wait to put a few up later today.I feel like it's so important to document what will become treasured memories :)(ps - love the pups)

  2. You take such amazing photos! By the way, that's not a Min Pin...or is it? The tail is throwing me. Either was they are adorable.

  3. Great pictures, Beth! I was hoping to see something from your Dance Anywhere adventure; hope upload pix and/or video soon. :)I have a Snapshot (sorta) Sunday pic up at Circular Praise (; it's a "sorta" because I took it on the way to work this morning.


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