Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Call Me the Poi Princess

Poi princess

Yesterday I attended the first class in a three week series on poi spinning. I didn't really expect to do well since I'm notoriously bad with my left hand, but I was surprised at how well I could pick things up with the right tips. Thanks, Leah! Now, to work on combining spinning tethered balls with spinning hoops. . . . Thoughts?

(And yes, I own a pair of fuzzy wuzzy poi.  I spied them in the Firegroove tent at Hoopcamp and fell in love.  I can't stand pastels really, but show me hot pink and I'm a goner.  It's a sickness.)

I find it interesting that I've found my way into the spinning arts, and my latest venture into poi is doubly curious to me.  I spent a semester of my junior year of college studying in New Zealand.  Modern poi spinning has its origins in the Maori, the tribal people of New Zealand.  Toward the end of my semester abroad I attended a performance showcase of students who had taken a Maori dance class, and that was the first time I ever saw poi performed.  I remember feeling sad that I had missed out on this opportunity to learn something so interesting and different from my normal course load.   I guess I thought that I could only learn through structured university courses, and that once my years of school were over, so was my education.  Now I see how silly that perspective was -- the only person who stopped me from pursuing poi at the time was me. 

Deep thoughts for a Snapshot Sunday, huh?  But they're good thoughts, full of important realizations and realigning of my sometimes crusty and inflexible assumptions. 

What is something that you once assumed to be true that you've now discovered doesn't have to be?


  1. Beth thanks for the history lesson! Really interesting. Looking forward to some vids from you... :)

  2. I WANT your poi! That are the coolest. I think I am going to have to get me a pair although I am just learning. I was hoping to go to hoop camp this year. It is not going to happen but the next year looks like a go. I love your posts. Eagerly awaiting more.

  3. Fuzzy poi - fun! I looked at a pair of those at Juggling Store's website; I may just have to get them when I finally get around to ordering the Sil-X contact juggling ball I've been wanting.Assumptions that have changed for me in the past year? Curvy girls like me can't hoop. That's what I thought before I saw Khaanee and other curvy hoopers on Hoop City. Seeing those voluptuous women rock the hoop was what broke through my last barriers of doubt on the matter and got me into it.

  4. fiiiinally i get a chance to post a thought ;)you look adorable in this shot. check out them furry balls to match a flocked-out shirt!


"I am glad you are here with me."
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King