Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I feel so -- I don't know, there are so many words to describe it: honored, bashful, embarrassed, encouraged, seen, acknowledged, humbled. What's bringing all these feelings up? Besides life itself, I received a Stylish Blogger Award!

In fact, I received three. Do you understand why I'm feeling so shy/loved/blessed now? Yeah. I was delighted to be awarded by:
On top of that, Melissa over at Blame It On the Weatherman included me in her Write Hard 2011 list of (and I quote) really awesome people.

 Yeah.  I'm honored.  Thank you, thank you, and more thank you!  I really needed some encouragement (and really, who doesn't?) and you heaped encouragement on me by the bucketful.  Thank you, friends. 

Here are some other awesome, stylin' bloggers that inspire me to try harder, reach higher, and trust deeper.  Thank you for your wisdom, blogosphere pals!
  • Clare of YogiClareBear.com :: This photographer/yoga teacher/God lover never fails to inspire and encourage me or give sage advice.  Besides, she didn't forget this past Snapshot Sunday when other bloggers (*cough* who started Snapshot Sunday *cough* *cough*) did. 
  • Voice in Recovery :: An awesome, speed-Tweeting eating disorder and body image advocate. 
  • Erica of Spoiled Yogi :: I don't think this yoga fan is spoiled, but I love how her approach to the practice is realistic and accessible for us mortals. 
  • Maggie at Say Yes To Salad :: Dude.  Maggie's latest post is a recipe for 100 calorie cheesecake.  Enough said.
  • Dani of My Hooping Heart :: I met this Portlander at Hoopcamp, and I really identify with her journey.  
  • Missy at Beautiful Struggle :: Missy is just starting out on her journey from anorexia to recovery, and blogging each step of the way.  I am astounded at her honesty and presence at such an early stage of the healing process.  Bravo!
  •  Lissa the Swampwater Debutante :: This curvy hooper is sassy, smart, and tells it like it is.  Plus she shares great videos of her hooping practice.  Me likey.
  • I'm going to cheat.  But I only have one "spot" left to award, and three awesome bloggers I want to mention.  Recently some Twitter friends and I formed a writing critique group, and they sort of come in a unit in my brain (sorry -- I can't decide if that's insulting, but it's definitely not in my mind).  Anyway, I love the writerly antics of Melissa, Liza, and Kalya.  Thank you for the laughs, encouraging tweets, and writing assistance!  Here's to literary joy and (*crosses fingers*) success, my friends.
Is that enough clicking for you?  You won't be disappointed, though -- these bloggers are amazing.

Part of the Stylish Blogger Award (I think, anyway) is to share seven things about me.  Read on . . . if you dare:
  1. I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs.  This is the only way to eat scrambled eggs. 
  2. My husband and I met through the internets, only to find that it was weird that we hadn't met in "real life" because we ran in the same social circle.  
  3. As a kid, I decided that I would be an astronaut when I grew up -- until I realized how much complex math and science it involved.  
  4. I have a somewhat disturbing passion for all things alpaca (and, to a lesser extent, llama).
  5. I felt horribly sad and repressed when I began to need a bra and learned that I'd have to wear bras for the rest of my life.  I did not, however, burn said bra, and eventually made my peace.
  6. I am a marching band geek.  In high school I was a devoted member of both the colorguard and winterguard.  My parents think this is why I like hooping so much.
  7. As a young child, I was terrified of all dogs except for the family dog, Chief.
What bloggers inspire you?


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and award. I truly appreciate it!!!

  2. Maggie @ Say Yes toJanuary 25, 2011 at 1:30 PM

    thank you for the shoutout! you are inspiring to me too :)

  3. i rebel against the bra! hehe... well i try at least until of course i go out and realize most of my clothes require me to wear a bra. but they are quite restricting..sometimes it feels like i cant breathe ;)xo

  4. Congrats on the award! And to answer your question, you inspire me. :)

  5. Beth! You are so sweet! Thank you for including me in your awards! I love reading the other blogs mentioned too! And as if we didnt have enough in common.....I was a band and colorguard (AND winterguard) geek too!exohdani

  6. OMG LOVE ketchup on eggs!!! The best.And you are so cool to put me on your list, and having never seen how UN-stylin' I actually am in a “fashion” sense. LOL! You on the other hand, way cool. I've seen your hoop outfits. PS Bras suck. Lets burn one now!


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