Sunday, January 9, 2011

If You Had One Eye, What Would You Do?

Hey!  It's Sunday, so on the blog that means it's Snapshot Sunday.  Check out this silly/serious graffiti I found decorating the baby changing table of a local coffee shop's bathroom:



As for me, if I had only one eye, I might get a funky patch and/or a cool tattoo around the empty socket.  What would you do?


  1. I'm with the two writers on the front of the table - wear a patch and perceive the world differently!haha funny post! :)

  2. Being that I basically had one working eye for about 7 weeks through the holiday season, I would like to say that it sucks and that I tried the eyepatch and it was uncomfortable. I did wear a pink bow in my hair to try to offset the redness of my fogged and useless eye. I liked the bow.With that said, I appreciate the thoughtful question and picture. Hehe!

  3. I enjoyed those pictures!!! Funny! So... it was Snapshot Sunday again, and I meant to send in this photo...... my girls enjoying the Rose Parade, while dressed up in some of the fun costumes they received for Christmas. ;)

  4. I'd treat myself to some cool shades to camouflage the nonworking eye if I felt a need to cover it up for some reason. And since my depth perception would be impaired with only one good eye, I'd probably run into things a lot... ;) I suppose, like the person who wrote on the top of the changing table support, I'd struggle, but I'd adjust. It's amazing what we can adapt to if we have no choice in the matter.


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