Thursday, December 2, 2010

List of Love

I tread on the dark side too often, I think. I'm not talking about becoming Darth Vader's apprentice, but about negativity.  It's very, very easy for me to see what is lacking and what needs improvement, especially when it comes to myself.  I forget to, as trite as it may sound, count my blessings, which are many.

This morning's perusal of the Hoop City forums led me to a discussion of love lists, as inspired by those on Kristen Carr's website, Crazy Sexy Life.  Carr's love list is a list of ten things that she is loving right now.  These items may be grandiose or minute, but regardless of profundity, Carr is mindfully declaring her gratitude for whatever she is loving in the moment, and there is power in that.

So I decided to make my own love list.  Here are ten things for which I am really grateful, right now:

  1. God | Even when I'm busy screwing up majorly, I never feel like God's upset with me or angry or whatever. Quite the opposite, in fact. It feels like the more messy I am, the more amazing His presence in my life is.
  2. My husband | He puts up with a lot, and does it graciously. He is a good, good man.
  3. Our dogs! | We have 3 pups, and they bring me so much joy.
  4. Hoop-related joy | I love when my practice turns into a prayer or meditation or a joy-filled dance, less about technique and more about living.
  5.  Coffee | It's good stuff.  I enjoy it.  Probably too much.
  6. Reading | There is such joy for me in this. Words are powerful! I feel blessed that I can read, and that I love to do so.
  7. Blue skies | Although a gray sky is beautiful in its own way, I cannot describe the joy and freedom I feel when the clouds roll away to reveal the sun. Especially if that sun is sparkling on fresh snow.
  8. Other people | It took me a long time to realize how valuable relationships of all kind are to me. I'm glad I'm appreciating the people in my life more and more. They give me so much.
  9. Being kind to my body | With my history of disordered eating, I've almost always abused my body in some way. I'm slowly learning how to be kind to my physical self, and while it's really challenging, it's also makes me feel good in so many ways.
  10. Light | I respond so positively to light, especially sunlight. It's so simple, but it makes me so happy! 

    I love these guys.
    What's on your love list today?

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    1. I think it's normal to default to negativity if only because it cushions us from unexpected disappointment. If you're already focused on what didn't work, you won't be surprised when it doesn't. While that may feel like a protective measure for a bit, it also shields us from all the good stuff. The acceptance of love and positivity is harder for some reason, but so much more important!It's great to remember this, especially when things don't go as planned. While I'm sure I have my own long list, right now I'm loving that my tea gives me such simple pleasure. At least twice a day I am calm and accept it as a simple pleasure ;) It's something I used to restrict a bit, so it's a step.


    "I am glad you are here with me."
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King