Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gimme a Break

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I really enjoyed reading all of your poopalicious recovery comments on my last post.  Recovery is challenging on so many different levels, and it's time that we start discussing the stuff everyone's afraid to talk about because it's weird, awkward, and/or messy.  It's better that it's out in the open, where its scare-power is lessened, than being shrouded in mystery and fear.  Which is kind of like how the majority of women in labor poop while giving birth -- and don't find out that this is a possibility until it's actually happening.  Can you imagine?  If I'm going to poop in front of other people, I want to at least be prepared!

Okay, enough with the poop talk.  Oddly enough, for all this talk of talk, I've been finding myself without much to say via blog.  So, instead of berating myself for "failing" at blogging, or just taking up blogosphere space with fluffy, not-very-meaningful posts, I'm giving myself permission to take a week off from the blog.  Take that, perfectionism!

Also, maintaining this blog takes major energy, and at least some of that energy I'd rather invest in novels or freelance writing.  I'd rather write creatively each day and blog only a few times a week rather than vice versa.  So I'm taking the week off, giving myself mental space to re-excite myself about blogging, and during that time I'll also be thinking about whether I should cut back the frequency of my posts.  Besides, I think we'd all rather see three really good posts on this blog each week rather than six or seven mediocre ones.

And, just because it's fun, I'll leave you with the latest hooping challenge that I've been working on -- a toss and chest roll that I hope to eventually turn into a behind-the-back toss and roll:


What's your take on the post frequency issue?  What would you like to see on this blog in the future?


  1. Sweet trick! I'm glad you posted on the topic of, well, taking a break. I guess I've been feeling fairly "unmotivated" to write creatively too. I still am here and there but not feeling "gung-ho." And I'm OK with that! We don't have infinite stores of creative energy, and honestly I'm not even outputting much to anything right now. I really truly think that our bodies/energies tune in with different seasons and this is mine right now. Winter, hibernating, etc. Do you feel that way? If so, I really think it is OK. It doesn't mean lazy or quitting. It means patience, gathering energy, waiting for our sign, TRUSTING that we aren't falling down a hole and that our creative energies will pick up again when its right. That is how I feel at least.I read in Pathways to Joy yesterday, "It is easy to be active. Let the reins go and the horses will run anywhere they wish. But the person who can stop the plunging horses is the strong one. Which requires greater strength: letting go or restraining? You must not mistake this peace for dullness or laziness. The calm personis the one who alone has great control over the mind waves, and his or her calmness is the manifestation of superior strength."I'm gonna go with that. You wrote: "Take THAT perfectionism!" I challenge that perfectionism, in that it tells you to blog creatively every day, is skewed.If you need more than a week, take it. If you need a season, take it! It is OK. I think there's a song...it's only life. Mindfully stepping back or changing steps doesn't have to be a negative thing and I'm so happy that your recognize that.OMG the word verification was "POING." That's almost like pooping, LOL!

  2. Enjoy your hiatus! ;)http://www.makingahomeandfamily.com

  3. Your chest roll looks awesome!!!! I am working on the chest roll into a back roll thing that we saw Brecken do at Hoop Camp.There are a lot of messy things about recovery. During recovery from bulimia, in the early stages, even when i WANTED to keep food down, my digestive track said "no" and just kept pushing it up to my throat. This made it impossible to lie down, or god forbid, bend over after eating. Recovery is a beautiful, terrible thing.dani

  4. im glad you commented at my blog so i could find you here!!!! what a great bog!!! excellent post, and your hoop toss roll was perfecto!!!!! beautiful!enjoy your break! cant wait to catch up with past posts, and read more when you get back!!!!

  5. I think it's great that you're giving yourself permission to step away from your blog for a bit. Like you said--blogging is great, but it doesn't pay the bills, and it can be a total time suck from other equally important creative endeavors. I'm all with you on the "quality over quantity" argument too -- better to have 2 or 3 posts you feel AMAZING about. Although I really dig everything I've read of yours, so I don't know if you actually have any of those so-called weak posts! :)

  6. Beth @ To the FullesDecember 21, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    Noel, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such encouraging words for me. I appreciate it so much!

  7. Beth @ To the FullesDecember 21, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    Dani, you said that "recovery is a beautiful, terrible thing." How true that is. And thanks for sharing a bit of your history with me -- I had no idea, and so appreciate your openness.

  8. Beth @ To the FullesDecember 21, 2010 at 2:28 PM

    Thanks for that, Noel. It IS like destiny! :)

  9. hey, you took a break too! glad you're back.


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