Monday, August 23, 2010

Dirty Nose Monday


Happy Monday! I enjoyed my blog-free weekend. I might have to make this a regular thing, because often I just slack off blogging and then feel guilty. When I actually plan to take the weekend off, however, I feel a-okay. When I was not-blogging-on-purpose this weekend, I was farmer's market-ing, playing Scrabble with the Best Husband Ever, hitting up the samples tables at Costco hooping it up with friends, and making some new ones (friends, that is, not hoops).

Today, I started the work week off with a bowl o' oat bran, topped with fresh strawberries and Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter. Then I got some writing done, mingled with copious coffee-drinking. En route to one of my refills, I glanced out the back door and saw Lio having his way with one of the empty planters on the porch. Apparently digging in a box of dirt is much more satisfying than digging in a yard of the same.


Of course Lio is too coy to let me snap a picture of him in action. But note the displaced dead plant (which was already killed by my black thumb, but not yet disposed of). The silly chihuahua all about the planters this morning.


I guess that makes it Dirty Nose Monday around here. Lio feels that everyday should be just as fun and filthy. How's your Monday starting off? I hope there's just as much chihuahua-esque satisfaction with a little less dirt.

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  1. Dirty nose Monday -- I like that!!! Louie is my 5th Yorkie over 30+ years and my first digger. It amazes me what he'll bring into the house through the doggie door with the roots and dirt still attached. Lio is incredibly handsome, dirty nose and all!


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