Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, Statistically Speaking

New words written on National Novel Writing Month manuscript: 4,713
Scenes created: 5
Chapters begun: 3
Number of fellow NaNo-ers who turned out to write together: 13 (including me!)
Cups of coffee drunk: 2
Cups of tea drunk: er . . . a lot (5?)
Forums trolled: 2 (NaNo's and Forward Motion)
Procrastinatory Google searches conducted: 2 (ketosis, anyone?)
Miles run: 7+
Dogs cuddled: 3
Scrabble games conquered with hubby: 1
The Office episodes viewed: 2
Batches of Chex Mix made for said hubby: 1
Squashes roasted and eaten: 1 (butternut!)
Leftover pieces of Halloween candy consumed: 3 (ish . . .)
Satisfaction with the day, on a scale from 1-10: incalculable

Happy November, ya'll!

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