Sunday, November 8, 2009

Right (and Write) On, 'WriMo's!

My situation is not as dire as this poor 'WriMo from Inkygirl's writer-centric comic, although I am feeling a bit of word count envy. How can some participants be passing 60,000 words (or more!) after a mere 7 days of writing? I must constantly remind myself, I am not them, I am me -- I am not them, I am me. Plus, I'm trying my best -- and the results aren't half bad!

As I write this, I have a grand total of 16,453 words (minimum count to "win" National Novel Writing Month is 50,000). If I wanted to write approximately the same amount each day to reach the goal, I'd have to write 1,667 words daily. If I was following that plan (which I am . . . sort of) I should be at 13,333 words by the end of the day. In short -- I'm ahead of schedule! Add to that the fact that the story itself is (knocknocknock on wood) coming along quite handily, and I'm one happy NaNo-er.

Here are some more detailed statistics. I'm not convinced they are particularly accurate, as the chart says that I missed days of writing. I have not, although I have not sprinted everyday, either. Still, it's fun for geeks like me to get excited about these simple pleasures in life.

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