Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smoothie Saves the Day

It's chilly and cold here in western Montana. For some reason, though, that hasn't stopped me from blending up a green breakfast to nurse at school for the past two days. That's right, green monsters have returned! Unseasonable, maybe, but always tasty, healthy, and energizing. And yesterday I definitely needed energy. I had slept a grand total of two hours -- on the couch.

Insomnia has been keeping the zzzz's away for the past few nights, and when I do finally get tired, it's so late (or early, depending on the perspective) that I feel bad disturbing the Best Husband Ever's snoozing. As a result, I felt like the living dead as I dragged myself into work yesterday. I had made a breakfast green smoothie comprised of blended pear, chocolate Amazing Grass (my first time trying this -- yum!), possibly some banana (I can't remember fully -- blame exhaustion), pumpkin soy (double yum!), cinnamon, and frozen spinach. I was [pleasantly and gratefully] shocked to find myself noticably more alert and excited about the day after only a few sips of the monster. Who knew that blended green could be so powerful? Spinach saved the day!

So after yesterday's performance, I naturally had to make another smoothie for today's breakfast. The combo? A few chunks of frozen banana, a cup of frozen mixed fruit, skim milk, lots of frozen spinach, and a homemade cream cheese blend with fresh apples and cinnamon. Good? Oh, yeah.

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