Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's the Most Verbose Time of the Year

It's been two years, but I'm going for it once again. It will be my fourth insane year of participation in five, and my first attempt while holding a demanding full-time job. Yep, I'm going to try to write a [short] novel in 30 days, along with thousands of my fellow borderline cracked writers worldwide. National Novel Writing Month 2009 starts (here in the Rocky Mountain Time Zone, at least) in less than 27 minutes. Am I excited? You betcha! Am I nervous? More than a little. This web comic from Inkygirl pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter:

Wish me luck, but more importantly, wish me fun! I've "won" every one of the four NaNo's that I've attempted, meaning that I crossed the 50,000 word mark. I'd like to do the same this year, but more than that I'd like to truly enjoy myself. Even when I'm slogging through plot or arguing with my characters or just plain tired, my hope is that this NaNoWriMo would nourish me in a way that food alone cannot.

Are you NaNo-ing, or have you in the past? It's great fun, a good catalyst for creativity, and a way to meet new people both locally and across the globe who hold a common interest in writing. For myself, it's already been wonderful to reconnect with old NaNo friends as well as make some new ones. Three cheers for writers everywhere! You can watch my word count accumulate (or, if things should turn ugly, stall) via Kitchen Courage's sidebar widget, which will be up and running as soon as the NaNo site can support it. Of course, I will be whining/ranting/cooking throughout November right here, so you can bet that noveling will come up one or two times.

Only 17 minutes left until November 1 and NaNo go-time! I'd better go refresh my memory as to what I'll be writing about. Something with zombies, a reluctant heroine, and the end of the world, I believe . . .

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