Thursday, June 18, 2009

Girls' Lunch Out

My mom's Montana visit continued to great effect yesterday, despite me having to spend the first part of the morning getting my darn tooth fixed again. Hopefully it'll stick this time. After some errands at Costco and Target, we braved the rain and wind and headed downtown.

During the summer my home city hosts a free weekly event called Out to Lunch. Visitors can choose some delicious lunches from food vendors, buy a refreshing drink, and listen to live music. Mom and I hung out there for a short while, taking in the yummy smells and sounds. I couldn't partake of any of the food due to my still numb and aching mouth, but my mom enjoyed a slice of barbecued chicken pizza.

I managed to taste test the pizza, in spite of my sore gums. Just to make sure everything was on the up and up. I do what I can.

We also ran into some familiar folks -- my sister-in-law and our cutie of a niece. It was fun seeing their smiling faces on such a gray day, especially with our niece sporting that strawberry ice cream 'stache. My sister-in-law recommended a trip to Moxiberry for some boutique fro-yo to ease my tooth pain while filling my belly. The smoothie I created from yogurt, pomegranate juice, and fresh mangoes and blueberries made me doubly glad for our fortuitous meeting. It made for a delicious mastication-free lunch!

Oh! And I cut my hair! A lot!! What do you think? I'm loving it, especially when I sweat through a crazy workout. Do you shear your locks come summertime?

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