Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Farmer's Market Kind of Family

Happy Saturday! This morning the Best Husband Ever and I had our usual treat day. We were joined, not in the usual, by my parents, who are visiting from my original homeland of New Jersey. We have all been seeing the sights, inhaling the smells, and, of course, taste-testing various foods and dishes across town.

So the hubby and I naturally had to treat my folks to our treat Scrabble day and the wonderfulness that is the farmer's market. In spite of the somewhat chilly weather, we convened at a coffee shop and ambled down to our market of choice (there are three, in fact -- two farmer's markets, and one people's market that sells goods and crafts instead of produce). I quickly gave my dad, the newbie of the group, the run-down on our usual order of operations. He joined me at the Black Cat Bake Shop, where I got a banana muffin with cream cheese frosting for the second week in a row, while he went for a personal-sized huckleberry coffee cake. Huckleberries are the definitive Montana fruit, so I thought that was a nice choice! The hubby of course purchased his favorite, a Bernice's caramel roll, and my mom also decided on Bernice's. She didn't stop at one treat, though -- she ordered a raspberry peach Scottish oat scone, a lemon blueberry muffin, and some oatmeal cookies. She did not eat all that at one sitting, but instead saved a bunch for later.

We headed back to the coffee shop and, after ordering some pots of tea, lemon iced tea, and a mocha, we settled in for a nice game of Scrabble. I know that my dad felt a little nervous about playing since, as he says, he's an engineer and not a big fan of word games. Still, my parents both put in a good showing. The Best Husband Ever showed us all up by played an 86-pointer, brilliant man that he is!

Following our game, we returned to the market. This time we simply browsed, strolling along with the crowds. We didn't purchase any produce, but I did try a sample of Black Cat's cheddar chipotle bread, and everyone but my mother tested locally made cheddar cheese and cheese curds. Yum! We also tried some strawberry rhubarb jam, which was just so-so. My mom purchased a pretty lighthouse suncatcher for her sister before leaving us to go on a quilt walk with my mother-in-law. Mothers unite!

I think a fun time was had by all. My dad, who had never been to any farmer's market before, was very impressed. And of course I always love perusing the stalls with my wonderful husband. (And taking goofy pictures!) What a sweet, sweet Saturday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, blog friends!


  1. Love the new haircut! The pics on Flickr are supercute. Must be nice in the summer heat too!

  2. Thank you, Kaivalya! The new hair is quite nice for the heat . . . or it will be, when the summer weather decides to stick around. :)

  3. Beth, I tried to "follow this blog" with your Networked Blogs widget, and got this error message: "Blog does not exist.If you have changed the name of your blog after installing the widget, then please re-install the widget to get the updated link."


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