Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere

And not a one for me. (Yet.)

That's right, another new precious baby has been born in our family! My cousin had her first son, Jacoby William, on Sunday, June 14. Wow! He came into the world at eight, pounds, two ounces, and 20.75 inches. Not only is he a very handsome man, but he is sure to be a rabid Red Sox fan just like his mom and dad.

Jacoby is also very tech savvy -- he already had his own blog! Not that I protest, being a fellow blogger myself. If you'd like to see a little more of my brand new second cousin (er, I think that's correct-- my cousin's baby makes him my second cousin, right? hmm...) and catch his opinions on the latest news and trends, you can peruse his posts at his spiffy blog. My first second cousin, Nicholas, (whew this is getting confusing) also blogs here.

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