Friday, February 20, 2009

New Workout Duds

Once upon a time, there lived two kick-butt bloggers, Jenn and Erin. Together, they ruled the Fit Bottomed Girls, a sane yet challenging haven of health and fitness. One day they experienced the joy of working out in some of Puma's choice gear and decided to pass some of that bliss along to their readers. Two lucky ladies won a Puma tank and a Puma bag, respectively. And one of those chicas was me!

Yesterday I received my FBG-colored tank top in the mail. Of course I had to don it immediately and do a little photo shoot before going out with the pups for a run/hike. Although I wore a different top for the run itself, I really enjoyed my model time in the tank. Officially dubbed the Puma Essential Tank Top, it boasts a built-in shelf bra, and it's super cute and comfortable to boot. It makes me feel strong and tough, yet feminine and sexy at the same time (and a bit silly, too, judging by the results of my photo shoot...). Can't complain about that! I can't wait to do some yoga in it. Thanks a million, FBGs, for your fabulous giveaway!

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  1. Awww! You look FABULOUS in it! So glad you're enjoying it. :)


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