Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogger Frustration

I had something exciting to share with you all . . . but Blogger/You Tube/the internet have flouted my efforts at every turn. What was the new item? A video of yours truly, chatting up one of my favorite extracurricular activities, hiking. However, it seems that the video is just too big for the uploaders to handle properly, so there will be no video at Kitchen Courage. For now, anyway.

And so, beaten, with my blogging tail between my legs. I leave you with Wednesday's very Valentine-y breakfast. I had a bowl of fresh strawberries (I found them super-duper on sale, and in such good condition! strawberries rock my world),. I paired that with a bowl of Chobani's vanilla Greek yogurt (yes, there is yogurt hidden under there!) topped with blueberry flax granola. That's my favorite kind of granola, incidentally -- I guess it was a favorites kind of morning. I liked this breakfast so much that I had it again today, only I added fresh kiwis to my strawberries. Yum!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Single or otherwise, I hope that you'll enjoy the day. I'm not one for Valentine's Day myself, but I might try to pull something out for the Best Husband Ever. He's more than worth it, after all!

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