Saturday, January 24, 2009


Happy Yoga Day! Today I celebrated my body, its abilities, and, of course, yoga by getting on my mat. I had planned to participate in one of the sponsored free yoga classes here in town, but woke up this morning not feeling so great. As the temperatures outside plummet back to more standard western Montana lows, I couldn't bear to don skimpier yoga gear and travel out into the cold. Brrr.

Although I was sad to miss out on the free community class, I did take advantage of the 70 minute power yoga donation class at Yoga Download. I've enjoyed some of their 20 minute freebie classes in the past (the core yoga kicked my . . . well, core!), so I decided to try this one out. Not bad, I must say, although my favorite free yoga audio classes on the net continue to come from the lovely Elsie, who teaches from the Anusara school.

I also made another fun yogic discovery today. Hulu offers some really wonderful free yoga and pilates practices from Exercise TV, all of which run between 10 and 20 minutes. Exercise TV also provides a Hulu collection dedicated purely to six pack abs. I tried out their Rock Hard Abs this morning, and was fairly impressed. Not only was the workout short yet effective, but the instructor hit me with some new moves that I'd never seen before. I love trying new fitness workouts and exercises, so I left the mat feeling quite pleased.

So that was my Yoga Day 2009. How was yours? Do you practice yoga, and if so did you get a chance to get on the mat today? I hope so. I know that, even while I sometimes have to drag myself to my mat, I never regret having practiced. Even when the practice is hard and uncomfortable and even unpleasant, I never feel like I've wasted time spent doing yoga.

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