Sunday, October 5, 2008

And the Winner Is . . .

Yesterday saw the reappearance of Muffin Love's new now-weekly poll. I asked you, loverly readers, to cast your vote for what treat you thought I might indulge in at this weekend's farmer's market. I'm sad to confess, though, that I've somewhat deceived you. Not intentionally, I promise! But still, I hand my head in moderate shame at my unplanned deception.

You see, my Saturday treat ended up falling into not just one, but several of the poll categories. When thinking of how to describe the treat I had in mind while creating the poll, I would have delineated it as "super-sweet." At the previous week's market, the vendor of this particular treat told me that it was both buttery and sugary. Hence my organization. Upon eating said delicacy, however, I discovered that it was not in fact "super-sweet," and that it was also slightly croissant-like (French!) as well as muffin-ish in shape. So my treat ended up falling into some combination of not one, not two, but three of the poll's selections!

So what was this mysterious and apparently shifty pastry? A morning bun from the Black Cat Bake Shop's stand. And it was deeeelicious. Crispy and sweet on the outside with a slightly crunchy sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar, with a light and fluffy interior that was not at all soggy and reminiscent of the texture of croissants, or perhaps brioche. One of my pet peeves is damp pastry -- I like my baked goods to be slightly crispy on the exterior while retaining only a very light moistness on the inside. Soggy Danish that ooze condensation really turn me off. I even like the caramel or frosting on cinnamon and caramel rolls to be more firm than sticky or, better yet, on the crunchy side. This morning bun achieved near-perfection in both taste and texture with my finicky predilections. The fact that it resembled a muffin shape was the icing on an already wonderful cake.

I think that for next weekend's treat poll, I will run things slightly differently. Instead of asking you to make a prediction, I offer myself as your guinea pig. You get to decide what I indulge in. A fruit cream cheese-filled croissant? A maple pecan Danish? A huckleberry scone? It's up to you, faithful readers, so get your thinking caps on. The new poll will go up around midweek. Be sure to leave a comment here with suggestions for next Saturday's treat options. Hurrah for treat day!

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