Saturday, September 27, 2008

To Market, to Market

Just about every Saturday, the Best Husband Ever and I head to the local farmer's market for fresh, local produce, to taste test cheese samples, and -- wonderfully! -- to indulge in a treat. In the past, these treats have ranged from a trip to Moxiberry, which offers organic, fat-free boutique frozen yogurt in the vein of Pinkberry, to Le Petite brioche or a pastry from Bernice's stand at the market.

I like to try a different treat every weekend, have enjoyed every single option. The Best Husband Ever, on the other hand, always gets the same thing when we go for pastries. Behold the caramel roll. He knows what he likes, and he's not going to tempt fate by messing around with other pastries. I like these babies, too, but they're a little too sugary for my taste.

As for me, I'm not sure what my favorite treat is. I love the brioche at Le Petite, and I like Bernice's scones as well. Last week I tried a Bernice's cinnamon roll, and the week before that was an orange cardamom roll with poppyseeds. Both were tasty -- the latter was my favorite, tangy and intriguing -- but a little too sticky, sweet, and soggy for me. This week, I'm not sure what I will try. A cream cheese-filled croissant? A huckleberry cinnamon roll? A maple danish? And what about the muffins? Where has my muffin fantaticism gone? I haven't had a single muffin all season.

This is where you come in. What do you think I will try? Vote below in the very first Muffin Love poll and let me know! And while you're at it, why not leave a comment describing your favorite treat? Vivid and plenteous accompanying photography is greatly drooled over -- er, appreciated.

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