Monday, September 29, 2008

That's Decorated, Not Decaf

I don't keep my coffee snobbery a secret. I know how I like my caffeine (sixteen ounce extra-foamy double-shot non-fat cappuccino, thank you very much), and I'm not afraid to be specific about it, especially with espresso drinks as expensive as they are. And a super foamy cappuccino not only tastes amazing, but I think that they're very attractive as well.

Apparently, not everyone thinks so. At least, someone out there feels that lattes could stand some beautification. Who is this? Oleksiy, founder of OnLatte, Inc., a company that makes lattes pretty. That's right. Pretty coffee.

OnLatte manufactures machines that "print" designs onto the foam tops of lattes. Why? Because they can. Because it's cool. And because it's, well, pretty. I have to admit, the intricacy of some of these designs is quite astounding. Still, I'm a coffee purist. I like swirls of espresso and caffeinated hearts, but I'm not sure I want a robot messing with my java. I do wonder how popular this will become, and how much people are willing to pay for their drinkable frippery. Would you?

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