Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Purple Potato Pickle

This past weekend, I found the most beautiful purple potatoes. Out for beets and yellow summer squash, I found myself strangely tantalized by the starchy indigo goodness that was on display at the same stand. Since they cost only a dollar, I bought a bowl of the potatoes. I remember thinking about how I'd been seeing many recipes around the online foodies community that called for potatoes, and that I'd like to try one.

Alas! Where have all the potato recipes gone? Now that I'm on the lookout for a good one, I can't seem to find any that suit me. I'd like to try a salad that goes beyond the typical mayonnaise-based concoction. I've seen one recipe for roasted garlic potatoes that I may give a whirl, as well as one with a red vinegar base. However, our oven was down for the count (I just found out that the landlord replaced the broken coils, so I'll be roasting up a storm tonight!), so roasted potatoes were not an option.

Then I Susan's (of FatFree Vegan) blog post on homemade, guilt-free snacks with a recipe for microwave potato chips showed up on my Google Reader. I decided to try out her salt and vinegar chips. After thinly slicing one potato (I used a regular cutting knife as I don't have a mandolin slicer), I dipped the potato slices in cider vinegar, sprinkled them with salt, and microwaved them for about five minutes. Letting the crisping slices rest for a minute in the appliance, then microwaved them for another couple of minutes. I think I overdid it a little, because they tasted fairly burned even though they didn't brown like Susan's recipe said they should. Still, the chips were crispy and tangy with salt. I will definitely try making another batch, and soon! I also can't wait to test her roasted chickpeas. Yum!


  1. These are really impressive - I don't think I've ever seen potatoes with dark flesh before. And so tasty looking, too!

  2. Susan from Food BlogSeptember 5, 2008 at 6:16 PM

    Don't you just love those brilliant purple potatoes? Plus, they're so much fun to say. :)


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