Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tasty Departure

Today one of my sisters-in-law, having visited for the past couple of weeks from her new home down south, took off. It was fantastic getting to see her again, although it somehow didn't feel like half a year had passed since she moved. We gave her a good sending-off this morning, meeting up at the farmer's market for pastries from Bernice's Bakery (I had a Traditional English Scone, which was delicious) and some coffee at Break Espresso.

Speaking of pastry explorations, it's been a somewhat eventful week. Before hitting up last Saturday's farmer's market for some beets and sprouts, the Best Husband Ever and I visited Le Petit Outre, Missoula's French bakery. I had a lemon poppy ginger scone, which was pretty tasty, while he had a plain but incredible croissant. My scone, as good as it was, did not quite hit the spot, however. What I had really had a hankering for was brioche, but unfortunately they were fresh out that morning. After relating my experience to a co-worker later in the week, she bought in Le Petit brioches for everyone the next day. The verdict? Délicieux!

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