Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yummy Yogurts

In one of my earlier posts this week, I mentioned some exciting yogurt discoveries I made while grocery shopping at Safeway. Normally, my yogurt of choice is Dannon's Light & Fit fat-free vanilla yogurt. It makes a great breakfast when stirred up with berries (I use a frozen mix of blueberries, raspberries, and marionberries), sliced banana, and cereal or granola (my morning carbohydrate of the moment is Kashi's Go Lean Crunch).

While shopping at Safeway a little while ago, however, I spied a unique and intriguing flavor of a single-serve cup of Lucerne yogurt -- Green Tea Mango. This discovery led me to investigate the Lucerne (which is seemingly one of Safeway's store brands) offerings more carefully. I found a number of tasty sounding yogurts, but the only other one that I took home along with the green tea mango was a cup of Banana Cream Pie yogurt.

While the Green Tea Mango was more bland than expected, but still not half bad, the Banana Cream Pie flavor definitely pleased my palate. In the past I have tested out combination banana yogurt flavors -- strawberry banana, for example -- as the idea of banana and yogurt together is a happy one for me, as evidenced by my daily breakfast fare. However, I never could find a straight banana yogurt, and the combinations I did try never hit the spot in the banana department. Until I tried the Banana Cream Pie flavor, that is! A wonderfully creamy addition to one of this week's bento lunches, this yogurt earned top marks, especially in pulling off a true banana flavor.

My success with Lucerne's Banana Cream Pie led me to try a more ambitious -- in my opinion -- concoction from Dannon, Lemon Chiffon. Now, lemon paired with dairy does not sound as yummy as the banana option, but I felt open and optimistic. Thankfully, I did not come away disappointed. The tang of the lemon is somehow perfectly compatible with the smooth taste of the yogurt. I suppose I shouldn't feel too surprised as my favorite LunaBar flavor is lemon, which was another eye-opener to me when I discovered that I liked the seemingly unlikely combination of lemon and granola. Perhaps lemon is much more versatile than I ever thought possible. At the very least, it makes an excellent addition to my bento lunches, and one that I will certainly reprise in the future.

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