Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hello, blogosphere!

I'm not dead. Not yet, anyway, Scout's honor and all that. But even while I still beat and breathe with the best of them, I have been a rather bad blogger. I am amazed that I still have twenty subscribed readers through Feedburner, so thank you for your patience and loyalty. It warms my heart like a new-baked muffin.

That said, I must impose on your patience further. Sadly, I don't have much to share in terms of muffination, fun recipes, or anything else food-related that is also of interest. But today is the six month anniversary of my marriage to the Best Husband Ever, which is a worthy update. (For another anniversary-themed post, check out my other blog, Wannabe Cowgirl.) To celebrate, I semi-surprised Josh with lunch at Finn & Porter, a swanky hotel restaurant, and a Scrabble dictionary. Our meal tasted delicious -- he had a pepperoni calzone called "the Jersey boy," to my great amusement, being a Jersey girl myself, and I had a chicken fiesta salad with amazing BBQ marinated peppers, avocado, and four perfectly formed nachos. Although we didn't break out the Scrabble dictionary after our meal, we did meander along the river to the public library. The entire afternoon was lovely, but even lovelier is my husband's heart.

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