Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter is my favorite holiday. It celebrates the most wonderful event (hurray for Jesus!), which is by far the most important event to have ever occurred. Plus, it tends to fall around the time of the year when the weather turns warmer and toes start to emerge from boots and woolen socks to revel in all their pale and flip-flopped glory and tangle in newly sprouted grass. Easter also has the best candy (Cadbury's, anyone?).

This year's Easter was simple but lovely. I now work at a Ronald McDonald-esque house through one of the local hospitals, and I worked there Saturday night into Sunday morning. What with the holiday and my resparked yearn to bake, I decided it would be fun (for me as well as the house guests) if I whipped up some scones. I knew I wouldn't have time to bake them fresh Sunday morning, so I baked Saturday night instead. Instead of my usual lemon berry scones, I substituted the berries for dried cranberries and pistachios. The pistachios were just okay, but the cranberries tasted fabulous warm.

Bakelust satisfied for the moment, I woke up early Sunday morning for some God time, a simple breakfast of yogurt and banana, and to get the house in order before heading to church with the Best Husband Ever. Worship, as always, nourished my heart in ways that I could never put into words, and the message was good as well. After service, we headed home for lunch, watched some Firefly, then headed to Starbucks for a rocking game of Scrabble and a cappucino for me. Then we went to my inlaws' for Easter dinner, which was an amazing spread of ham, ginger carrots (my favorite dish), asparagus salad, potatoes baked with mustard (also quite amazing), and the most lovely and delicate dessert of angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries. An mmmmazing day, if you ask me.

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